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Warming and Cooling Rice Bag

Loved making these Rice Bags, my future daughter in law asked me to make one for her, so of course I got right on it!! I thought I would do a tutorial so you can make them yourself or for a gift! They are perfect for heating in the microwave for a nice heated pad,

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Easy Oatmeal Breakfast

This Easy Oatmeal Breakfast recipe is healthy and delicious! I have seen this around a few times and I had to try it with my own twist ! 2 bananas ( I used green ones, they have less sugar when they are green!) 2 cups Bob’s Red Mill Rolled Oats 2 cups Milk ( any

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farmers market, tomatoes

Canning Tomatoes

This was our first time canning tomatoes and it was fun ! This is something I always wanted to do, and then when we went to Italy and saw their pantries full of canned tomatoes, we just had to do it!! We learned a lot and would definitely do it again! We went to the

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A Snowy Day in Wells, Maine

Getting snowed in is one of our favorite things this time of year. We love going out in our back yard with our corgi girl Reba and letting her run and play in the snow. She just loves it! Another one of our favorite things to do on a snowy day is to cook. We

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Jo & Kim - JK Walsh Studio Owners

This is Us

Hi! We are Jo and Kim, the owners of JK Walsh Studio. We live in Wells, Maine! We love living by the beach, we do a lot of walking on the beach and are always picking up rocks, shells, driftwood, or sea glass. Kim finally said what are you doing with all of this, where

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